The Real Men In Black; Fact Or Fiction?

Even since before the 50s, the UFO phenomenon has been related to the appearance of “men in black” ( No not Will Smith) but secret government agents in “black” suits responsible for silencing witnesses and seizing evidence that could demonstrate the existence of extraterrestrial lifeforms on Earth. These secret government agents are commonly referred to as  “men in black.”

The mystery surrounding the men in black is extensive, their dress code is usually black, thus the name “men in black”, some witnesses state that these have a metallic voice or strangely modulated, and in some cases, witnesses even speak of telepathic communication or dreamlike apparitions.

The role of the MIB agents is always the same, their objective is to try to keep hidden any information that comes to light about extraterrestrial phenomena but especially keep the witness silent, either through coercion, manipulating their memories, or ultimately elimination of the witnesses in a mysterious way.

The history of the MIB is so full of inconsistencies as all other aspects of the experiences with UFOs. There have been many theories about the identity of these “men”. The most consistent is that these are former agents who do not respond directly to the governments and in partnership with extraterrestrial beings in secret bases such as the Dulce base or Area 51.

Ther appearance is freakishly calm and mysterious. It is believed that in most encounters, witnesses claim to have a time frame in which they have no memory and when MIB come they appear impeccably dressed and are generally polite but threatening at the same time.

According to Ufologists, they tend to have extensive information about the life of the witness and most strangely they come to the witness before they have time to tell anyone about the sightings, so the question many ufologists have raised is… How do “they” know what the witness has seen?

In other cases, they visit to try to convince them that what they saw has never happened, and almost always in groups of three, showing little expression on their faces that make them look anything but human. Many people, especially residents of the US, have come forward speaking about these strange agents wearing black suits, investigating in a mysterious and secret manner.

But what are they really? Are they agents of a highly secret government organization? Are they members of an organization beyond Earth? Is there a possibility that they are actually extraterrestrial beings? All of these questions are actually theories proposed by numerous ufologists when it comes to the Men In Black, but until today, no one really knows what they are and if they do in fact exist.

Behind all of the possibilities as to what the Real Men In Black are, is another view which postulates that the Men in Black are a purely folkloric element within the UFO phenomenon result of media influence, collective imagination, and autosuggestion.

The myth arose following the dress code of dark colors used by many agents in the CIA -the CIA apparently has nothing to do with these strange MIB, the FBI, and the Secret Service, although most researchers  of the UFO phenomena believe that there must be some real element in the subject, due to the fact that several ufologists and researchers have been extortioner and threatened.

Researcher Bill Moore provides the most consistent hypothesis stating that the Men in Black are part of the real “Office of Special Investigations of the Air Force,” a department of internal security of the US constituted in 1948 and included later in the FBI to investigate criminal activities within the Air Force and weapons contractors. One of the many missions of this agency is to protect technology, programs and staff in a global crisis of “external threats”.

Some believe that these external threats are linked to extraterrestrial visitors and the UFO phenomena in general.

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