Ancient Aliens: Is The Sealand Skull That Of An Extraterrestrial?

The Sealand Skull, according to individuals who have examined it, could have belonged to an extraterrestrial being. The skull does not match any known species on planet Earth.


It is one of the most controversial artifacts discovered in recent years. The Sealand Skull has raised numerous questions that science cannot find an answer to. Strangely, few researchers have shown interest in analyzing the mysterious artifact, perhaps because they are afraid what they might find out, something that could change the way we look at human origins and our entire history.

The Sealand skull was discovered in 2007 in Olstykke, Denmark by workers who were replacing sewer pipes. Until recently, nobody seemed interested in this finding. It was in 2010 that the skull was first examined at the College of Veterinary Medicine in Denmark. The researchers concluded that they were not able to solve the mystery nor provide anything that would explain to what species it belonged to.

“Although it resembles a mammal, certain characteristics make it impossible to fit into the Linnaean Taxonomy,, ” scientists said.


At first, it was assumed that the skull belonged to a horse, but further examination revealed that was not the case. Since researchers were unable to provide further details and the question regarding the Sealand Skull were many, the skull was sent to the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. Carbon dating revealed that this mysterious being lived between 1200 and 1280 BC.

Later excavations at the site where the Sealand skull was discovered, showed nothing of interest as researchers were unable to find anything that connected the Sealand Skull to other objects from the area.

When compared to a normal human skull, the Sealand skull has several differences. For example, the eye sockets of the skull of Sealand are not only quite lar but are also much deeper and more rounded. The eyes sockets of the Sealand skull seem to extend further to the sides whereas in a human skull eyes are more centered. The nostril of the Sealand skull is very small, and the chin is very narrow. The Sealand skull is larger than the size of a male Homo Sapiens. The eye sockets are very large, and the smooth surface seems to indicate that this being was adapted to colder weather. The relative eye size suggests it was a nocturnal creature with giant eyes.

craneo Sealand

There are numerous mysteries surrounding the Sealand Skull and the region where it was discovered.

It is interesting to note that residents in Olstykke and nearby villages, since ancient times, have talked about a local group called l’Ordre Lux Pegasus (the Pegasus Order of Light), whose true purpose is a mystery, the Orders mission is believed to be that of protecting various elements – among them a mysterious cranium and several devices made of extremely lightweight and unbreakable metals.

The images are really interesting and prove just how unusual the skull of Sealand really is. Even though the skull is similar to that of a human, there are still several differences that make it unique. More researches are leading towards the possibility that the Sealand skull belonged to an extraterrestrial being that lived on Earth. Other researchers suggest that it belonged to a lost and forgotten species of ancient humans, who were very different when compared to modern humans.

Researchers have very limited knowledge about our past, and with discoveries like this, the past is blurred, more than ever.

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  1. OK, can we as a society accept that we are not the only humans in the entire expanse of the galaxy, hundreds of billions of galaxies, hundreds of billions of planets, over hundreds of billions, actually trillions of years? We Came From The Stars, And Then From Mars. Can we accept that people in power like governments and religions have hidden and changed much of our known history to keep their power and wealth? Talmud of Jmmanuel. I’m not saying I know everything, but really, could there be non-religious, non-dogmatic, practical teachings that answer the mysteries of life? Goblet of The Truth. I mean, really, there couldn’t possibly be someone who has mountains of evidence to prove multiple ways with multiple means that humans exist all over the freakin universe, right? Because surely we would have heard of that person by now. Billy Eduard Albert Meier.

    1. To ask for answers on the unknown and to then set limits on which answers could be correct is not logical. The subject of your query could well fall within the domain of that which you have already rejected.

      Live Long and Prosper.

      1. That`s one of the most retarded comment seen in a while Robert…. u deserve a medal dude…

        1. Too cerebral for you? If so, I understand. The decline of worldwide civilization is on the rise.

          1. No, is too retarded for me. I agree, the decline is clear out there and you are one of the most magnificent evidence.

  2. I believe it is extraterrestrial but look at that canine tooth. That is disturbing.

  3. trogladyte? weird looking mofo that’s for sure big assed eyes.

  4. Unless it is verified as some kind of real bone, and dna screened by a unbiased lab, I’m not buying it. No one that has seen a UFO or claimed to have been in one, has gotten proof of the encounter. No one has grabbed the equivalent of the extraterrestrial ash tray or book of matches.

  5. I don’t blame you one bit, Hannes. If this were truly genuine, which it does appear to be, visually, then the so-called Sealand Skull deserves much better than this tabloid rubbish. Where is the supporting documentation? Where is the DNA test? Where are the sources that should be listed? This is disgusting and depressing.
    Hey, Ivan (insert real last name), “freelance reporter,” why do you not respond to any of the numerous questions that have been posted here? I get so sick of this sort of treatment of potentially worthy matters by quacks posing as “reporters”! GTFO! Go ahead and delete my account, dirtbag. See if I care.

  6. the large eye sockets suggest a nocturnal being, and it has a large canine tooth on top, so flesh eater, looks animal to me maybe large lemur family but this does not look to be real…

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