The US Navy filmed a UFO that defied the laws of Physics, claims former senior US national security chief 

Another shocking claim has been made about UFO’s after a former US national security chief, who worked at Area 51, said that the US Navy had filmed a UFO that ‘defied the laws of physics’ and outmaneuvered various F-18 fighter jets during a ‘terrifying’ encounter.

According to former senior US national security chief Chris Mellon, UFOs are real, and the government has evidence to support their existence.

Mr., Mellon has sensationally claimed that US Navy personnel aboard the USS Nimitz even filmed the UFO during a terrifying encounter that lasted four a couple of hours.

The statement made by Mr. Mellon is just one of the many that have been made in the last couple of years after a great number of former military personnel, astronauts, and government officials who have come forward openly speaking about the existence of otherworldly beings and technology, not from Earth.

Mr. Mellon, who served nearly 20 years in the US federal government in various highly ranged positions had access to information others did not.

The ex-national security chief served during the mandates of Bill Clinton and George W Bush.

Mr. Mellon had access to high-level clearance while working in the committee with oversight of all Department of Defense special access programs and spent a decade on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Mr. Melons is also one of the many who persons of interests who joined the UFO truth-seeking organization “To The Stars Academy,” founded by former Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge.

Mr. Mellon is believed to have worked on a number of classified projects at controversial military facility ‘Area 51’.


Are UFO’s real?

Mr. Mellon claims that an astonishing incident was witnessed by a number of military personnel off the coast of San Diego when a UFO was seen in broad daylight.


The encounter occurred as the USS Nimitz was escorted by the USS Princeton, an Aegis-class cruiser.

“Imagine these ships engaging in a routine training exercise when an unidentified aircraft with a small radar cross-section appears on the radar heading directly towards the battle group,” said Mr. Mellon.

“The aircraft has no transponder does not respond to radio calls. The Princeton contacts two F-18s already aloft to intercept the target as the two F-18s approach the four aviators see that the object has no wings or exhaust.

“It is white, oblong, some 40 feet long and perhaps 12 feet thick.”

The pilots chased the UFO.

Mr. Mellon explains the incredible sighting:

“The pilots are astonished to see the object suddenly reorient itself toward the approaching F-18.

“In a series of discreet tumbling maneuvers that seem to defy the laws of physics.

“The object takes a position directly behind the approaching F-18.

“The pilot’s capture gun camera footage and infrared imagery of the object.

“They are outmatched by a technology they’ve never seen.”

After the UFO chase, the pilots eventually returned to the Nimitz, but the object remained visible to radar for a couple of hours.

Mr. Mellon added:

“At one point the object soars to 80,000 feet, hovers then drops at supersonic speeds coming to a full stop a mere 50 feet above the ocean where it resumes hovering. More F-18s are dispatched but with similar results.”

“As before the engagement occurs in broad daylight in the secret machine easily evades the F-18s. Dozens of military personnel aboard the various planes and ships involved are privy to these interactions. Clearly, this is not an experimental US aircraft, but whose is it?”

“How did it accomplish these feats?”, asks Mr. Mellon.

Mr. Mellon considered the event of extreme importance and even suggested that the United States Congress should further investigate the occurred.

The chairman of the Armed Services Committee and his counterparts and other congressional oversight committees can easily request a briefing to confirm the veracity of this story and the existence of other events of a similar nature.

“Congress has every right to review the documents generated by this event and request briefings by the military personnel involved. If the oversight committees have not already been briefed on this event and others like it, they clearly should be. How else can they adequately assess threats to our forces and our military requirements?” concluded Mr. Mellon.

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