Experts Claim There Is A Lost, Underground ‘City’ Beneath The Pyramids Of Giza

There is an incredible ‘Lost’ underground city located beneath the Pyramids of Giza, and despite the fact that only a few know about it today, it was extremely well documented in the past.

Despite the fact that only a few know about it today, the vast underground city was extremely well documented in the past

The mysterious Giza Plateau is even more mind-boggling once you realize the ancient city of Memphis (modern-day Giza) is filled with subterranean passageways, shafts, a cavern system and chambers which hold in their walls, thousands of years worth of history together with countless artifacts. However, Egyptian authorities are not willing to reveal what is found beneath Giza to the general public, like many other discoveries made throughout the years in Egypt.

There is a lost history completely ignored by mainstream scholars when it comes to the Ancient Egyptian Civilization and the enigmatic Pyramids which according to many predate the Egyptian Civilization itself. In order to comprehend to the full extent the partial pieces of history we have been taught in school, we must understand that countless discoveries on our planet have been completely ignored by mainstream scholars.

One of those discoveries took place in Egypt, where a massive subterranean tunnel system with chambers and rooms was discovered below the surface of the Pyramid Plateau. A genuine history of what happened beneath the sands thousands of years ago is not present in mainstream teachings of our civilizations past, and reflection of that are the countless discoveries made in the last decades which clearly indicate, history as we know it is only partial.

In order to understand the enigmatic underground ‘city’ located beneath the Giza Plateau, we venture out the Fayum Oasis district located a few miles outside the Memphis Nome. It is noteworthy to mention that in the past, Lake Moeris bordered the Fayum Oasis and just at its shores was the enigmatic Labyrinth described by Herodotus as “an endless wonder to me.”

It is said that the mysterious ‘Labyrinth’ of impressive size, contained up to 1500 rooms and an equal amount of subterranean chambers which the Greek philosopher was not permitted to inspect. According to the keepers of the Labyrinth,  “the passages were baffling and intricate”, created in order to keep the countless ancient texts and scrolls safe in the many underground chambers.

In fact, this ancient complex impressed Herodotus in such a way that he felt compelled to speak about the mysterious structure:

There I saw twelve palaces regularly disposed, which had communication with each other, interspersed with terraces and arranged around twelve halls. It is hard to believe they are the work of man, The walls are covered with carved figures, and each court is exquisitely built of white marble and surrounded by a colonnade. Near the corner where the labyrinth ends, there is a pyramid, two hundred and forty feet in height, with great carved figures of animals on it and an underground passage by which it can be entered. I was told very credibly that underground chambers and passages connected this pyramid with the pyramids at Memphis.

In fact, ancient Memphis (Giza) has a humongous underground system that combines a set of intricate man-made passageways and subterranean rivers and tunnels. While these were described thousands of years ago, the gigantic underground cavities were mapped since 1978 using ground penetrating radar thanks to explorations led by Dr. Jim Hurtak, who is said to have entered massive chambers that are larger than the largest cathedrals ever erected by modern man.

However, in addition to the above, he also spoke of the gigantic underground metropolis located beneath the Giza Plateau said to be at least 15,000 years old.

Interestingly, there are numerous ancient authors who supported Herodotus’ record of underground passages connecting major pyramids. It is important to mention that Iamblichus, also known as Iamblichus Chalcidensis, or Iamblichus of Apamea, a Syrian Neoplatonist philosopher recorded information about an entrance through the body of the Sphinx leading inside the Great Pyramid of Giza:

This entrance obstructed in our day by sands and rubbish, may still be traced between the forelegs of the crouched colossus. It was formerly closed by a bronze gate whose secret spring could be operated only by the Magi. It was guarded by public respect, and a sort of religious fear maintained its inviolability better than armed protection would have done. In the belly of the Sphinx were cut out galleries leading to the subterranean part of the Great Pyramid.

These galleries were so artfully crisscrossed along their course to the Pyramid that, in setting forth into the passage without a guide throughout this network, one increasingly and inevitably returned to the starting point.


Crantor (300BC) claimed that a set of underground pillars in Egypt contain written stone records of pre-history, Crantor too supported Herodotus’ writings.

However, even more interesting is the fact that written on ancient Sumerian cylinder seals are the records of the Anunnaki and their secret abode, which was described as:

“an underground place… entered through a tunnel, its entrance hidden by sand and by what they call Huwana… his teeth as the teeth of a dragon, his face the face of a lion”.

This extremely ancient texts, fragmented into several pieces also records that “He [Huwana] is unable to move forward, nor is he able to move back” but they crept up on him from behind, and the way to “the secret abode of the Anunnaki” was no longer blocked. (source)

The Ancient Sumerian texts surprisingly provided a relatively good description of the lion-headed Sphinx at Giza, a monument that surely predates the Ancient Egyptian civilizations and was set in place to guard the Pyramids and countless chambers and tunnels located beneath Giza.

However, we find more evidence of vast underground chambers in the writings of first-century Roman historian Pliny, who documented that located beneath the mighty Sphinx there is a concealed “tomb of a ruler named Harmakhis that contains great treasure.” Surprisingly, the Great Sphinx was once called The Great Sphinx Harmakhis who mounted guard since the time of the Followers of Horus.”

Further proof supporting the existence of the subterranean vaults is documented by fourth-century Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus who documented the existence of passageways that lead to the interior of the Great Pyramid at Giza:

„Inscriptions which the ancients asserted were engraved on the walls of certain underground galleries and passages were constructed deep in the dark interior to preserve ancient wisdom from being lost in the flood.“

More evidence is found in a manuscript documented by Arab writer Altelemsani and preserved in the British Museum. Altelemsani documented the existence of an extensive square underground chamber located below ground,  between the Great Pyramid and the River Nile. Altelemsani wrote there was something enormous blocking the entrance from the River Nile.

Altelemsani wrote:

“…In the days of Ahmed Ben Touloun, a party entered the Great Pyramid through the tunnel and found in a side-chamber a goblet of a glass of rare color and texture. As they were leaving, they missed one of the party and, upon returning to seek him, he came out to them naked and laughing said, “Do not follow or seek for me”, and then rushed back into the pyramid. His friends perceived that he was enchanted.

Upon learning about strange happenings under the Pyramid, Ahmed Ben Touloun expressed a desire to see the goblet of glass. During the examination, it was filled with water and weighed, then emptied and re-weighed. The historian wrote that it was “found to be of the same weight when empty as when full of water.” (source)

Interestingly during the 10th century, a writer by the name of Masoudi claimed that advanced mechanical statues were guardians of the subterranean galleries located under the Great Pyramid of Giza. His description, one thousand years ago can be compared in significance to computerized robots seen today. According to Masoudi, these robots were programmed to destroy all “except those who by their conduct were worthy of admission”.

He wrote: “…written accounts of Wisdom and acquirements in the different arts and sciences were hidden deep, that they might remain as records for the benefit of those who could afterward comprehend them…”.

Masoudi confessed: “…I have seen things that one does not describe for fear of making people doubt one’s intelligence… but still I have seen them…”.

According to Herodotus, ancient Egyptian priests spoke of a long-held tradition of the creation of underground chambers by the original builders of ancient Memphis. Interestingly, these stories were confirmed when large cavities were discovered during a survey conducted at Giza in 1993.

Reports supporting the existence of vast chambers was documented by a newspaper report called  “Mystery Tunnel in Sphinx“:

“Workers repairing the ailing Sphinx have discovered an ancient passage leading deep into the body of the mysterious monument. The Giza Antiquities chief, Mr. Zahi Hawass, said there was no dispute the tunnel was very old. However, what is puzzling is: who built the passage? Why? Moreover, where does it lead…? Mr. Hawass said he had no plans to remove the stones blocking the entrance. The secret tunnel burrows into the northern side of the Sphinx, about halfway between the Sphinx’s outstretched paws and its tail.” (source)

In 1935, incredible stories emerged after a decade-long clearing project took place. An article published the same year by Hamilton M. Wright described the existence of the areas under Giza. This information, like many other discoveries, are still denied by Egyptian authorities despite extensive evidence proving their existence.

The article read: “…We have discovered a subway used by the ancient Egyptians of 5000 years ago. It passes beneath the causeway leading between the second Pyramid and the Sphinx. It provides a means of passing under the causeway from the Cheops Pyramid to the Pyramid of Chephren [Khephren]. From this subway, we have unearthed a series of shafts leading down more than 125 feet, with roomy courts and side chambers…”. (source)

The existence of the extensive underground chambers az Giza is extremely well documented, even though a few people around the world know of its existence. Media reports in the 1930’s described subterranean chambers and passageways located between the Temple of the ‘Solar-men’ located on the plateau and the temple of the Sphinx in the Giza Valley.

Located in the middle between the Great Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, four enormous vertical shafts, each approximately eight feet square, leading into inner chambers through solid limestone were also discovered.

At the time of Herodotus visit, there were two large pyramids with colossal seated figures on top in the centre of Lake Moeris.This is a pre-1851 engraving of one of those pyramids
At the time of Herodotus visit, there were two large pyramids with colossal seated figures on top in the center of Lake Moeris. This is a pre-1851 engraving of one of those pyramids.

„…It is called “Campbell’s Tomb” on the Masonic and Rosicrucian plans, and “that shaft complex,” said Dr. Selim Hassan, “ended in a spacious room, in the center of which was another shaft that descended to a roomy court flanked with seven side chambers…”.

According to reports, inside of the secret rooms were huge, sealed sarcophagi of basalt and granite, 18 feet high.

In 1935, when  Dr. Selim Hassan was exploring the area he wrote:

„…We are hoping to find some monuments of importance after clearing out this water. The total depth of these series of shafts is more than 40 meters or more than 125 feet… In the course of clearing the southern part of the subway, there was found a very fine head of a statue which is very expressive in every detail of the face…“. (source)

Chapel of Offerings, Enoch, and pre-historic accounts

In addition to the above, Dr. Selim Hassan also reported the discovery of three inner and outer courts and a room they called the ‘Chapel of offerings,’ cut into a massive rock outcrop found between Campbell’s Tomb and the Great Pyramid. Reports indicate that at the center of the chapel are three ornate vertical pillars positioned in a triangular-shaped layout. The pillars are extremely important points in the report since their existence is believed to have been recorded in the Bible.

It is believed that Ezra, the initiated Torah writer had knowledge of the existence of the passages and large chambers beneath Giza even before he wrote the Torah.

Interestingly, reports of ‘sophisticated moving machines’ discovered at Giza, together with a previously unknown subterranean city are found in an article written by the Sunday Express of 7 July 1935.


However, despite extensive ancient texts documenting the existence of vast tunnels, chambers and passageways underneath Giza, Egyptian Authorities have long denied the existence of these, together with a number of other incredible discoveries in Egypt.

According to reports, the now ‘inaccessible’ underground city can be accessed from inside the Sphinx (but other parts as well), with stairs cut into solid rock, leading down to the cavern system below the bedrock of the river Nile. The huge, complex, underground system below the Giza Plateau extends east, leading towards Cairo.

In an article written in 1972 the following statement was made:

“No one should pay any attention to the preposterous claims in regard to the interior of the Great Pyramid or the presumed passageways and unexcavated temples and halls beneath the sand in the Pyramid district made by those who are as associated with the so-called, secret cults or mystery societies of Egypt and the Orient.

These things exist only in the minds of those who seek to attract the seekers for mystery, and the more we deny the existence of these things, the more the public is led to suspect that we are deliberately trying to hide that which constitutes one of the great secrets of Egypt. It is better for us to ignore all of these claims than merely deny them. All of our excavations in the territory of the Pyramid have failed to reveal any underground passageways or halls, temples, grottos , or anything of the kind except the one temple adjoining the Sphinx.” (source)

Historical texts document the extensive amount of excavations made during the 20th century, incredible mindboggling discoveries that are kept away from society.

As we have mentioned in previous articles, there is a specific and strict pattern implemented in today’s society where only certain information is released to the world, while most parts are kept locked away from prying eyes, almost as if  there is a hidden level of censorship in operation, specifically designed to protect parts of the history belonging to mankind, a species with amnesia.


Atlantis: A Dane Maddock Adventure

Gaston Maspero, The Dawn of Civilization, 1901.

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  1. Is it not time for the establishment to stop hiding the truth of history. Everyone on earth is related to one another and these historical sites should be open to all who desire to see. The great hall of records is more than likely been emptied and shipped to New York. More than likely a Rockefeller collection. It’s time for the world to realize how small our planet is and stop destroying it, start evolving. Start using all the warfare energy into evolving into a collective intelligence move into the next level of existence. Open the historical knowledge to the world.

  2. The Egyptians are keeping it all for themselves for reasons they aren’t even willing to say. Its obvious that there is something underground when all those documents have been wrote so long ago but in different times.

  3. IF there are such chambers, and IF they contain scrolls and other knowledge, the civilized world needs to get hold of them and move them somewhere safe, before the cretins that make up ISIL decide to destroy them, as they are destroying all sorts of historical artifacts in the Middle East. I’d call them animals, but animals are smarter than that.

  4. the Egyptians have claimed that there is nothing there no chambers no underground halls nothing and yet the sphinx still remains closed to inspections by interested parties if there’s nothing to hide why not just open up and let people who would be interested look constant denial only feeds the imagination especially after early explorers and ancient texts have mentioned such chambers they cannot be hidden from the human race for ever even though you are trying to

  5. if it was feasible to make excavations there are many things we would learn! but rather it is impossible for that …

  6. The present day Egyptians are missed with the Israelites that is why they deny the obvious efforts made by Africa founding fathers. It is true that some secret and truth should remain hidden but how long is long enough.

    The early men lived underground in many part of earth and practised many mysterious arts. so Africa is no exception. Occultisms and heathenism is well rooted in the history of that pyramid that is why Islamic brothers don’t want it exhumed

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