U.S. military confirms: Fighter jets will be outfitted with ‘UFO trackers’

Does the U.S. government know something about UFOs that they aren’t telling us? That’s been a topic of conjecture for decades, but it seems that a recent move by the American military suggests we aren’t necessarily alone the universe.

According to The Daily Mail, a recent addition to fighter jets in the U.S. arsenal will make it much easier for UFOs to be tracked by pilots:

“The infrared search and track systems (IRSTs) are designed to hunt down enemy planes – but could also have the side-effect of helping pilots to investigate unexplained objects.

“Military writer Tyler Rogoway said the technology has existed for decades but is now ‘exponentially more capable’ and could be a ‘revolutionary’ step in gathering UFO data.”

Screenshot of a video taken by a U.S. fighter jet in 2004 that appears to be a UFO.

Rogoway, writing for The War Zone, noted that the Navy’s Super Hornet fleet and Air Force planes including the F-15C will be getting new radar systems in the near future, which led him to suggest the new technology:

“‘Could result in a major breakthrough, or at least a major uptick, when it comes to detecting and gathering information on so-called unidentified flying objects, if they are indeed out there.’

“‘(It) could even serve as the final technological element needed to springboard potentially revolutionary data collection on the phenomenon.'”

The new radar systems on the U.S. jets also don’t have some of the same limitations found on the ones currently used by the armed forces:

“One advantage of IRSTs is that, unlike radars, they do not emit any energy themselves.

“That makes the detection system, in itself, harder to detect, and much harder to jam.

“In addition, the IRST will keep working and tracking enemy aircraft even if the plane’s radar system fails.”

An unidentified object filmed hovering over Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in 2016. (Via The Sun)

The U.S. military has experienced several unexplained encounters with unidentified flying objects over the years, leading some to suggest that the government may have information on the phenomena that it isn’t sharing with the public:

“Earlier this year it emerged that a number of pilots in the United States Navy reported seeing UFOs over American airspace between 2014 and 2015.

“One of them, Ryan Graves, said he saw UFOs regularly in the airspace off the Eastern seaboard between Florida and Virginia.

“Another pilot, Danny Accoin, said he noticed a flying object on his radar, missile system, and infrared camera, but was not able to see it in his helmet.

“The UFOs were spotted in areas that were designated for fighter jet training, which makes it unlikely that these were commercial drones or other objects that are classified.”

So are we all alone in the universe? Thanks to the new military radar being installed, we might have a more definitive answer to that query in the future.

Take a look at one encounter between a U.S. fighter jet and a UFO:

Featured Image via Pixabay

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