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Is This Unequivocal Evidence Of Alien Structures On Mars

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Is This Unequivocal Evidence Of Alien Structures On Mars

According to a new set of images beamed back by NASA’s rovers exploring the red planet, there are giant structures half-buried near Mt. Sharp on the red planet. According to UFO hunters and Ufologists, there are several structures that are clearly visible half-buried in the harsh Martian soil.

Not long ago we shared the images of a mysterious dome-shaped structure on Mars, another image that seemed to prove there are more things on Mars than what NASA and other space agencies are willing to accept.

While many readers might remain skeptical about these images, no one can deny there is a certain degree of mystery around them.

Looking at the images present in the article, we can clearly see what appear to be several perfectly shaped lines in the background. According to UFO hunters, these lines are the ultimate evidence of half-buried structures on Mars. Not only are these present in the vicinity of Mount Sharp, they can be seen in many images from the Red Planet. These images are, according to Ufologists the ultimate evidence that proves the red planet was inhabited by intelligent beings in the distant past.

The possibility that intelligent beings inhabited Mars is stronger than ever, and if you think about it… they might have existed millions of years ago. This is why there is a very big chance that most structures on the planet have either been destroyed due to the climate or are buried under tons of Martian Soil. This is why it’s nearly impossible to accurately state whether we are looking at a real artificial structure or not. However, from what users have been able to see in the images in this article, their comments seem to indicate that whatever this is, it’s very unlikely that it is a natural formation.


From the hundreds of mysterious images beamed back from Mars, there are some, like the images in this article that could prove to be evidence of real artificial structures.

If Mars had an atmosphere similar to Earth in the past if it had liquid water flowing through rivers, lakes, and oceans… it’s only logical to suggest that the planet could have been inhabited if it was inhabited there is the possibility that intelligent life developed, and if intelligent life did develop on Mars, then the possibility that these structures are evidence of that is a strong case in the debate between Ufologists and skeptics.

For all of you who want to check out the RAW images, head on over to NASA’s website by clicking here, and check out the original images for yourself. Martian structures or not… the images are certainly interesting and will get a lot of people interested in the red planet and the mysteries around it.

Here is the video of the UFO hunter who found the anomalous zone on Mars:

Art AlienTV

  • Martin Gerard Audette

    more strange sites in the heavens

  • Kenny

    Question everything, How do we not know these are just out of focus pictures of some old structures in the Southwest United States or something?

  • Global

    I knew Noah’s arch was on Mars.

    • Nedzad Eminagic

      maybe Noah’t plane?

  • Layla Riverside

    maybe ?

  • Nathan Togain

    I used to live in that building.

  • Nino2

    Bah! I don’t buy it. Nothing on mars but lifeless rocks and red dust.

    • chirag singh

      Ohh !! I don’t buy your view though !!

    • Nedzad Eminagic

      “Nothing on mars but lifeless rocks and red dust.”

      oh, really? want links to these Google Mars locations to see them itself?

  • Concerning the subject of the unknown, given that every photo is blurred, zoomed out, pixelated or small, the only proof I take as undeniable truth, is that there are bad photographers among us.

    • Nedzad Eminagic

      is this blurred?

  • Emilio Murillo

    a whole planet, and a couple of miles seen, not even the caves there will be something, no doubt, keep looking

  • Valy Luca

    we have satellites that can make a photo with your dog in the yard from outre space, but there all the Mars , Moon and UFO pictures have poor quality and ll are blurred??? Riiiiiiiiiiight.

    • Nedzad Eminagic

      not all are bad

  • Hal Curlee

    That is my all time “fav” vid on Mars I’m going to try and share it .. Hal2

    • Nedzad Eminagic

      see this also

  • Nedzad Eminagic

    this worm or bore machine is huge!

  • Don DaSuffrah


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