We are all Aliens and Life came to Earth from Space say Scientists

We are ALL Aliens and Life came to Earth from Space

According to new research, its very likely that we are all in face Aliens that came from elsewhere in the universe to Earth. Ladies and gentleman the controversy has been served after Astronauts on board the International Space Stations discovered marine plankton on one of the Stations windows.

Another point for ‘Panspermia’ here as researchers say that this is further evidence to support the idea that life came to our planet from elsewhere in the cosmos.

While Russian experts state that these tiny organisms were brought to the station by ‘air currents from the sea’ where plankton is found in abundance, other scientists argue that it is impossible for plankton to ‘travel’ to the ISS, meaning that these organisms must have originated from somewhere else.

We are ALL Aliens and Life came to Earth from Space say Scientists
We are ALL Aliens and Life came to Earth from Space say Scientists

The finding was made possible thanks to high precision equipment although researchers have no idea how the organisms ended up at the International Space Station.

Further research on the organisms discovered on the International Space Station showed that the organisms are not native to Baikonur, Kazahstan, where some of the modules originated. This means that it is extremely unlikely that the organisms  were hauled into space from the launch although there is a possibility that they were transferred from US parts of the ISS since NASA launch sites are located near the Atlantic Ocean.

“The results of the experiment are absolutely unique. We have found remains of sea plankton (…). This should be studied further, “said cosmonaut Vladimir Soloviev, head of one of the Russian orbital missions. According to Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe , from the Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology, algae or diatoms have been previously found in meteorites that fell to Earth.

‘Diatoms have been found on meteorites in Sri Lanka, but there has been no proof where they actually came from,’ he said.

‘This is the first time that we have evidence that points towards complex living organisms falling from the skies to Earth.

‘The space station is orbiting the earth in a total vacuum, there is no air, so it is a total defiance of the laws of physics to say these organisms were blown into space from Earth.

‘The only explanation is that they have come from elsewhere in space, and this supports long-held theories that plankton, and therefore all life on Earth including humans, originated from organisms in space.

‘Everything that we have on the Earth is derived from space, including humans.’

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  1. If life came here from space, then where did the life in space come from?

    1. What about Mr. Charles Darwin’s theory which is unanimously accepted by scientist all over the world?

      1. Even Mr. Charles Darwin said he was a bit skeptic about his theory…but it’s not about the best theory but the right one…

        1. It was a brilliant theory at his time, and brave one!! But time has passed, and I’m worried that much theory is suppressed bcuz of governmental suppression, they don’t eant to say “I dont know” just like they lie about gmo’s. I’m not an activist or any ‘ist’ but I don’t believe everything either. I do believe life may have been a KA-BLOOEEEE from space tho!! It makes sense.

      2. A lot of scientists have closed minds and blinders on. They cannot think out of the box because they have been trained to believe what the text books tell them is the only truth. And Darwin’s theory is just that, a theory just as much as the intelligent creation theory. Neither have been positively proven and most likely never will be in our lifetimes.

        Truly innovative scientists think outside of the box, are will to accept answers that go against the grain of common thought, and will accept that what many consider to be undeniable fact today could be just one answer to a question that may have more than one correct answer.

      3. It’s not widely accepted, but it is a part of theory, and that makes sense because his theory was popular at the time, accepted and not accepted, as was the math, but it also creates discussion and people to think within, then break out of the box, which has beef happening lately. Theory is meant to be either proven, or disproven.

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