Archaeologists discover Biblical city of Libnah

A team of archaeologists has discovered the ruins of an ancient and important biblical city Since 2009, researchers have studied the remains of an ancient village in an excavation site called Tel Burna, located 20 km southwest of Jerusalem, an area which was once a strategic border region between ancient...

10 incredible images of Sacsayhuaman that you probably haven’t seen

It is perhaps one of the most incredible ancient sites in Peru, a megalithic site that is believed to predate the Inca themselves. The construction features found at Sacsayhuaman are breathtaking, precisely cut stones, sharp edges, smooth surfaces and walls put together in such a way that modern engineers stand in...

15 things you should know about the underground city of Derinkuyu

The underground city of Derinkuyu is an ancient city located beneath the surface of the Derinkuyu district in the Nevşehir Province, Turkey. It is one of the most amazing underground cities to have been discovered, and no one knows its exact age, making this already awesome underground city even...
marte gorila

The strangest images from Mars

Mars has been one of the most important celestial objects for humans for centuries. We have observed and recorded the movement of the red planet and even named gods after our neighbor planet. Today, thanks to the research performed by space agencies worldwide, we can learn more about the...
Avion quimbaya

The Quimbaya figurines; What are they?

Do you believe in ancient cities made out of gold? Ancient civilizations that were capable of great construction projects with mysterious technology that allowed them to achieve incredible things which engineers today, with our technology, have a difficult time recreating? Well there are many treasure hunters who believe in...

The Mystery of the Ark of the covenant

The Ark of the Covenant is the ornate, gilded case believed to have been built around three thousand years ago by the Israelites to carry the stone tablets of the ten commandments. According to the Book of Exodus, after the Israelites were released from Egypt, God summoned Moses to the...

The hidden messages of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel

The recently published Book by restaurateur Silvio Goren, has raised dozens of questions about the work of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel with assumptions of hidden messages inside the Sistine Chapel. What if the work of this Renaissance genius was a reaction against the absolute power of the Catholic Church during his time?...
The Auid Wedge.

15 things you should know about the Aiud Aluminium wedge

It is true that archaeology can provide an answer for countless questions that have been raised throughout history, but some of these discoveries actually raise more questions then they answer. The Aiud aluminum wedge is certainly one of those discoveries.  The artifact has a weight of five pounds, and...
Ven Master Hsu Yun

The 119 year old Buddhist monk who described his UFO experience

What do Buddhist monks have in common with UFO's? well, nothing actually but an old Buddhist monk by the name of Hsu Yun also referred to as Xu-Yun, described his experience with a UFO (remember not necessarily alien). He has been somewhat of a living legend and his life has aroused...

25 Facts About Cleopatra, Last Active Pharaoh Of Ancient Egypt

Perhaps best known simply as "Cleopatra", the official name of the Ancient Egyptian Queen was Cleopatra VII Philopator; she was the last active Pharaoh of ancient Egypt and was of Macedonian-Greek origin, member of the Ptolemaic dynasty.   In the beginning, she did not rule over Egypt alone but did so jointly with her...